Start of the last week


I guess everything good comes to an end. This journey has been amazing and it's kind of sad to think that there's only one week left. Of course I'm excited to see my friends again but if just it could be possible to flew them out here...

Without my graduation on the next day I come back to Finland I would actually stay here even a little bit longer... I guess I need to at least show my face at my own party 😄. Luckily you can always come back! I've met so many new people so I need to at least come to meet them again!

Now I just want to finish all my school assignments so I can just enjoy London for one more week (and I guess I still need to go to work also for the last days 😁).

At the end I just want to say that if someone is really thinking about doing their internship abroad, you should definitely took that amazing chance and go! For me this was one of the greatest experience in my life!

Nea xx

Such a nice week

Last week has been amazing and I've had some much fun! I have been every day somewhere and I actually think there hasn't been even one day that I've stayed at home. I guess it's the panic when you realize that you're leaving soon so you just want to do everything haha. 😁

At work it has been kind of busy because one of my colleagues quit last week so there are a lot more to do. And I also have to jump everyday between doing the freesale and doing the groups.

We've been trying to look our graduation dresses here with Viivi but without luck... You would think that you gonna find one nice dress in this big city... too picky, huh? 😅

Nea xx

Bank Holiday


Another week has passed and it has been great. Work has been fine and actually one day I got to visit this one hotel to took some tickets for our group there. A nice change for just sitting in the office.

Last Monday we had Bank Holiday so we drove with my friend outside London to some countryside. Okay I wasn't driving... and I won't be in here. 😁
But it was really nice and relaxing day and it was also 30 degrees, loved it!

Nea x

Vappu and something else

It's 1st of May so 'hyvää Vappua'!

Our Vappu was nothing special here. Straight from work we went for a hunt for a specific donut, as we call it in Finland "vappumunkki". We went for a couple different places and finally we settled for a sugar donut filled with raspberry jam, close enough. 👍  We didn't have day off because in UK the First of May isn't really a thing.

Last weekend I went for a brunch with my roommate and her friends to this lovely café in Portobello. I ate toast with eggs and spinach, delicious! Also spend time with Viivi and my other friends.

At work I have started to make calls for hotels for example to do enquiriers or bookings but there has been really nothing new anymore (which is actually nice sometimes haha). 

Nea xx

Halfway through

Hello again! One month has been gone so you can say that half of this journey has gone already... how? I have no idea but at least I've been enjoying of every moment here.

Last Tuesday were we invited to this cocktail party to Bateaux London Cruise which is a nice luxury cruise on Thames River. There they told us about the business idea and we got to taste their renewed drink and food menu. We went there straight from work with my colleagues and spend the evening there. 

The workplace pays our Oyster cards (luckily because it's not that cheap haha) but we had some troubles to get our receipts to work because the ticket machine doesn't give you one. So we needed to go the Visitor Center and register our cards to get a summary of all your payments... uh such a trouble but now it's done!

Also our teacher came yesterday to visit us to our work. We talked with our boss and our teacher and actually got our grades already. ✌

Nea x

Time has been flying

Almost three weeks has gone now and it literally feels more like three days. So time has been flying here.

At the work I've been working in freesale and in groups. The work is easier now and I can work more independently because I don't have to always ask for help.

The first weeks were raining but now the spring has finally come here! It has been almost +20 and the sun is shining, yay!

The weekdays goes sometimes only working because I get off at 6pm so there's not much time (and energy) left in the evening. Weekends I always spent hanging out with friends and getting to know new people, shopping, visiting different places etc. I've only now realized how big London really is. It feels like two months is too short time to do everything I want!

Until next time! x


After the first week


I'mNea and I'm doing my internship in London. I work in ASA Tours which is a travel agency. 

I arrived in London 27th of March. I found my way to the apartment easily except it was interesting riding and changing the tubes with my two luggage... but I managed with help of some lovely people! So FYI, use the wider gate with your luggage in the station. 😁 ✌

I live in North West London in zone 2. There's a tube and train station in 10 minutes walk. I share the two-bedroom-flat with Italian roommate. It's a spacious flat and we have a grocery right across the street.

Work has started well and I have learned at least something after couple days. I'm working with Viivi who is from my school and doing also her internship. I have only 15 minutes train ride to work which is perfect. The workplace is located in the central London which means that there are lots of cafés and restaurants to go on your one hour lunch break.

It has been raining all week (yeah I know... Engla…